Domina's Hotel

I, Domina Jinx, hereby open this fabulous hotel. It is hidden deeply, subtly, and sound-proofedly, especially for those of you who have to escape the law, or the mental hospitals, or just simply run away children.
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 My Rules and Services

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Ryu (Domina)
Ryu (Domina)

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My Rules and Services Empty
PostSubject: My Rules and Services   My Rules and Services EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 2:42 am

1. Obey my rules.
2. Do not ask for special 'privileges'. I will tell you when you can get special 'privileges'. Special 'privileges' are very rare. Again Do not ask for them.
3. No killing anyone staying under my roof. I do not mind if you make others suffer, if you draw blood, or how loud you get them to scream - you must not kill them................ without my permission.
4. Any animals must be housebroken or left in the barn. No exceptions.
5. You may order sound-proof rooms, so as to keep a certain amount of privacy from your other guests. (Notice She said nothing about management.)
6. The rooms are available only when they are empty - and killing someone in one of them will not count as 'becoming empty'. Single rooms on the first floor, doubles on the second and third floors, and the last floor (Floor 4) which has only two large rooms, if hosting parties.
7. You may not, at any time, go onto the 5th floor without my permission.
8. You may not, at any time, go into my room without my permission.
9. You may not, at any time, ask about any noise coming from my room.
10. Any invasion of privacy will be fully accounted for and dealt with in an appropriate matter.
11. You may not harm me in any matter.
12. You will call me Domina-san, or Mina-san, unless you ask and are allowed otherwise.

1. You will find that I stock almost everything that you could possibly need. Do not be afraid to ask. I am not the type to poke fun, nor ask exactly what they are for.
2. If you find at anytime that someone seems to be harassing you, we offer a rather exclusive basement room if you would like to lock yourself in there for a while - with my permission of course.
3. Food is stocked in plenty, and the kitchen is open. All I ask is that you clean your messes until I hire maids.
4. You may change rooms at any time, once again for no price, I only ask for a legitimate reason.
5. I do, in fact, pay for any hospital bills. Have fun.
6. I do not, unfortunately, revive the dead, without extensive work which would at least take up to a week and would really get on my nerves. Have semi-safe fun.
7. Any electric, water, or any other needs of the sort are completely accounted for.
8. There is no limit on your stay. You may stay an hour or ten years, as long as you follow my rules.

I will be adding more at one point. Until then, I will say once again Have fun~!

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My Rules and Services
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