Domina's Hotel

I, Domina Jinx, hereby open this fabulous hotel. It is hidden deeply, subtly, and sound-proofedly, especially for those of you who have to escape the law, or the mental hospitals, or just simply run away children.
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 Fourth Floor

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Ryu (Domina)
Ryu (Domina)

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Fourth Floor Empty
PostSubject: Fourth Floor   Fourth Floor EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 8:37 pm

As you arrive up the stairs from the third floor, you will see that the fourth floor does not have much in the way of recreational for anyone not reserving the two rooms. This is because there are only two rooms. You will come up the stairs and see yourself in yet another hallway, yet this one isn't crowded, just two simple doors, and that's all. The rooms inside are actually empty, but you wouldn't know that, as they're locked. They are ordered on request and set up completely on that person's whim.

You will not find anything in the way of entertainment on the fourth floor unless you are invited to, or hosting, one of these parties. You may not go to the fifth floor without permission, but if you have my permission, you will find staircases at the ends of each direction in the hallway you are in. For those without my permission, there are heavily bolted doors at the top of the stairs. There is a keycard that opens this door, and only with that may you enter, and enter at any time.

There is also an elevator leading from the fourth floor which skips the fifth floor and leads to the rooftop.
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Fourth Floor
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