Domina's Hotel

I, Domina Jinx, hereby open this fabulous hotel. It is hidden deeply, subtly, and sound-proofedly, especially for those of you who have to escape the law, or the mental hospitals, or just simply run away children.
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 Outside the Hotel

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Ryu (Domina)
Ryu (Domina)

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Outside the Hotel Empty
PostSubject: Outside the Hotel   Outside the Hotel EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 8:39 pm

Outside this oh-so-lovely Hotel of mine... well, the view isn't one to die for. I had to keep this place hidden, of course. So it was planted in the middle of a dense and highly-populated forest - said forest is surrounded by mountain on all sides. We are safe.

Directly outside, though, I have taken down some of the trees to make a rather lovely fountain. By my standards, of course... It may be a bit... 'explicit', to others, but I just throw in a few animals, call it art, and no one notices.

There is no driveway, nor anything paved, though I removed the grass and plants to make a gravel road. If you could call it a road. It leads from the doorway, around the fountain, and a little into the woods.

Other then that, I've planted quite a bit of appealing flowers. Most of which I use in my more... special potions, so I would rather if you didn't touch them, but it is not against the rules.
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Outside the Hotel
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