Domina's Hotel

I, Domina Jinx, hereby open this fabulous hotel. It is hidden deeply, subtly, and sound-proofedly, especially for those of you who have to escape the law, or the mental hospitals, or just simply run away children.
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 Hot Springs

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Ryu (Domina)
Ryu (Domina)

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Hot Springs Empty
PostSubject: Hot Springs   Hot Springs EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 8:40 pm

Oh, the Springs are so lovely, soothing, calming, it's my second favorite reward after a day of work, to loosen those tense muscles and close your eyes, maybe doze off staring up at the beautiful night sky...
Ah, well, I'll get onto business.

The hot spring is a bit away from the house, off a gravel path behind the house and into the forest a ways, just follow the path, it will bit lit up at night. You will then come upon a building with two rooms, one for girls and one for boys. You may change there, but I must warn you, the actual spring only has one area, shared by both genders. I suppose you could find a rock to hide behind or something, if you're shy...

Underground Volcano? What are you talking about? I've made this Hot Spring with my own two hands for my guest's pleasure.
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Hot Springs
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